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BattleRSC Private server
[Image: 1ytyeu.jpg]
I've been working on a RSC Private server while working on AutoRSC, seems many people want a server where you don't have to AFK train for months to compete in wild. Would anyone be interested in playing or help moderate it(I'm not sure how active i'll be on it but i'll definitely host it if theres interest)
The main idea is the server is solely based on PKing and Staking
  • Only made a few ideas of the server atm: (none of them are set in stone or will definetly happen, its just brainstorming. I think the combat stats set at beginning will stay though) (feel free to agree/disagree I need more input on this)

  • Combat Stats can be set via tutorial island with a command, which stay permanent after you reach mainland. Skilling stats can not be set.
  • You can only set the following stats to 1-99, including: Attack,Strength,Defense,Ranged,Prayer. I decided Hits will not be set and it will be calculated from your combat stats to make it fair. The reasoning behind this: You can make any level character PKer and compete with anyone online, even if theres 1 person online.

  • Whole map is PvP, except banks which are the only safe spot, so if you are out skilling you risk getting killed.

  • Losing all items on death everytime

  • Minigames such as conquer, which you have to take over the whole city with your team

Question: Should items be allowed to be spawned by the player via commands or should items be aquired through skilling?
Because if people item spawn, I can see the game getting boring very quick.

i will happily donate 15 bucks to see this happen. its definetly what rsc needs.
+1 not sure on whole map pvp though
so like deadman mode. i would say still set skilling xp with a multiplier. but what i see is a bunch of max lvls running around hunting everyone and killing every pker not ment to be max.

or give people only a few "points" or levels to pick from like 100 lvls and they have to get the rest themselfes
i would be interested

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